Puppy Training Mat Aquamat

Puppy Training Mat Aquamat


Incredibly Absorbent + Non Porous Backing

Machine Washable or soak in Mild Disinfectant

Why buy expensive disposable mats when you can train your puppy with an Aquamat Training Mat?

Knowing a little about your new puppy will make proper training simple and rapid.

For many people and especially for those new to owning a puppy, the most fearful aspect can be teaching their 8 to 12 week old newest member of the family proper toilet habits. The distress and anxiety caused by a poorly trained or entirely untrained puppy growing bigger every week should not be underestimated. However, toilet training your puppy should be a simple and rapid process if you know one or two simple facts and then take the time and trouble to know how and when to help your new baby learn good acceptable habits.

One Size: 50cm x 70cm

Pack of Two Mats


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Weight 200 g


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