Chiller Cooling Vest

Chiller Cooling Vest


The Chiller Vest for smaller dogs is made of a material especially designed to hold water without wetting your dog. So while the dog stays dry and odour free, the Chiller transfers heat away from the dog keeping him cool and comfortable in the hot sunshine. Whether lazing in the garden, travelling in the car or racing about in the mid-day sun, your dog will stay cool and refreshed.

Agility dog? Hot muggy night? – (it’s comfortable enough for your dog to sleep in it.) Competition or pet dog –use your Chiller Vest whenever you need to keep your best friend cool. The Chiller Vest was designed for comfort. It will not restrict movement (we’ve tested it over agility courses) and will not move and slide from your dog’s back. 

Built to last!

Before fitting the Chiller Vest simply soak it in a bowl of water, then wring out the excess water, leaving plenty of water in it but without it dripping.

Measure from neck to start of tail.
Back length of coat is as follows:

Size S is 20 cms back length and 34 cms around deepest part of chest

Size M is 24 cms back length and 45 cms around deepest part of chest

COLOUR: Mint Green

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Our Chiller Cooling Vest is designed with the smaller dog in mind. It works in the same way as our hugely popular original Aquamat Chiller Cooling Coat and so your dog stays dry as the water evaporates from the vest to cool your dog. Hook and Loop fastening along the full length of the back makes this coat so easy to fit.

Your dog will be dry beneath the coat. It is the evaporation of the water from the coat that cools your dog rather than the cold water it holds. Thus, the ambient temperature will determine the rate of cooling as it determines the rate of evaporation. Your dog will be kept cool and not cold.



The final manufacturing procedure involves steaming the coats using a proven and safe anti-bacterial and fungicidal process. This is why your new coat will be damp in its bag. When new and clean and sealed correctly in its packaging, your coat can be stored safely for as long as you wish with no fear of mould or mildew. However, when not clean or after use then storage wet is more difficult and to avoid error we recommend when storing the coat for a prolonged period of time such as over the winter you should allow your Aquamat Chiller Vest to dry out. While wet fold your coat to a convenient size for storage:-

  1. Allow coat to dry naturally
  2. It will dry hard (like a chamois leather)
  3. To rejuvenate and make soft for use do not fold or bend or attempt to pull surfaces apart. Soak in water. As it absorbs the water, gently massage all areas to encourage absorption in all areas. Your coat will open as you do this, then use as normal. You should not bend, fold or pull it apart when dry as this product is made in layers with a mesh within and you may damage a surface, which will not impact performance, but will prove less aesthetically pleasing.

If you wash your coat then whether by hand or machine please note:

  • Use cool water 30 – 40 C max.
  • Do not use bleaches, sterilising agents or washing powders. Wash separately and wash colours separately.
  • If you add anything to water, then use a mild disinfectant such as Zoflora and dilute it as instructed by the manufacturer pouring it into soap dispenser and not straight onto coat.

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