Cooling Mat Aquamat Chiller

Cooling Mat Aquamat Chiller


The Cooling Mat by Aquamat Chiller is great for keeping your dog cool wherever you are. Ideal for the car, caravan, motorhome, crate and around the house and garden. The cooling effect of the cooling mat lasts for hours and will aid your dog’s comfort throughout the hot summer months. The powerful cooling effect transfers heat away from your dog.

The cooling mat has a hard wearing and durable nylon outer making this perfect for use with your dog and is easy to clean by just wiping down. The inner cooling gel is harmless and would not harm your dog even if it were ingested. Unlike most mats you can buy, ours is double sealed around the edges for greater strength and security. It is incredibly durable, but if chewed, scratched with sharp claws or caught on sharp edges it will tear, so please be aware that items damaged in this way are not eligible for refund or replacement.

The mat does not need to be refrigerated and is always ready for immediate use. It works automatically from the pressure of your dog on its surface. You can refrigerate for ten minutes or so if you wish. If used in the car then in between use place the mat in a shaded area such as under the seat or in the boot – just half an hour should do the trick and your mat will be ready to cool your dog once more.

S- 30 x 40 cms

M – 50 x 65 cms

L – 60 x 90 cms


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The gel in the Aquamat Chiller Cooling Mat will draw the heat from your dog when he lies on it, cooling him gently for hours. When your dog leaves the mat then it will release heat to the atmosphere as it will naturally operate at a temperature below the ambient temperature. Thus, to “re-charge” it all you need to do is move it from direct sunlight and it will cool itself as it releases heat to the atmosphere.

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Weight 350 g

L, M, S, XS




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