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  • Aquafibre® Drying Bag For Dogs Aquamat

    The drying bag for dogs is manufactured with the same high quality AQUAFIBRE® as our professional AQUAFIBRE® dog towels and drying coat. The drying bag offers an efficient means of not only drying your dog quickly and effectively but will also serve to warm your dog in inclement conditions and contain within the bag mud, dirt and sand that would otherwise litter your motorcar, motorhome, caravan, or home. Even when used on a clean dog straight from the bath you will enjoy the containment of the water your best friend would otherwise shake all over the room. The drying bag with its technical tweaks, specifically designed for use with your dog will ensure the fastest means of drying your dog with minimum effort and mess. To fit the coat easily and successfully unzip fully (which opens 2 sides of the bag) and push the bag to one side. The first action is to secure the collar around the dog, which uses hook and loop (velcro) technology. Having done this you will find it easy to place the dogs front legs in the bag followed by his hind legs and then the bag can be re-zipped. You can allow the dog to lay relaxed in the bag, whether in the home or motor car or you can rub the dog dry within the bag. You will find either method most effective. Machine wash at 40C. Always ensure when washing that the hook and loop fastenings (velcro style) are fastened together. Air dry or hang over radiator. All our microfibre products dry exceptionally quickly.   Size S - 58 x 44 cm (Border Terrier, Cavalier King Charles, Toy Poodle) Size M - 75 x 58 cm (Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Schnauzer, Miniature Poodle) Size L - 90 x 70 cm (Border Collie, Working Labrador, Springer Spaniel)
  • Drying Mitt For Dogs Aquafibre® By Aquamat

    Our brand new Aquafibre® drying mitt is made using our highest quality Aquafibre®. It is ideal for drying wet and muddy dog legs, paws, undercarriage, head and ears and is useful both in the grooming salon and out on a walk. The mitt is designed to fit like a glove on each hand to maximise performance and ease of use. Our specially designed high performance Aquafibre® will save you both time and effort when drying your dog as it will out perform towelling in every respect. Your dog will be drier and cleaner and in substantially less time! £7 EACH OR 2 FOR £10
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    Fleece Sofa Throw

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    Our sofa throws are made from the same top quality fleece as our onesies and dog jumpers and are available in the same stunning designs. Whether it is one of our eye-catching prints or something a little plainer we're sure to have something stylish to suit your home. Ideal for throwing over your sofas to stop dog hair getting everywhere, or muddy paws after a walk or to protect your furniture from wet dogs. They are fully machine washable. Our sofa throws are also useful for the back seat of the car of use in you motorhome or caravan. They make keeping your furniture clean nice and easy as well as looking great. Available in TWO sizes: 150 x 100 cms/ 60" x 40" and 150 x 225 cms/ 60" x 90" Washing instructions: Wash at 30 degrees, do not use fabric softener
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    Fur Dog Bed By Aquamat

    A dog bed to keep your dog luxuriously warm in the winter. This specially designed winter bed uses the highest quality fabrics to ensure optimum performance, strikingly stylish looks and superb value. One side is a high quality luxurious fur and the other an equally high quality fleece. This bed will keep your dog comfortable and warm. It would make an excellent crate pad as well as a neat, warm and comfy spot for your dog around the home. All beds are machine washable. All beds are filled with quality dacron giving beds a depth of approximately 30mm which your dog will find most comfortable. COLOURS The reverse of each bed is either brown or black fleece. All blue leopard print and blue black fur beds have a black fleece backing. All brown leopard print beds and mink beds have a brown fleece backing.   XS - 45 X 60 cms S - 50 X 70 cms M - 60 X 90 cms L - 70 X 100 cms  
  • Aquamat Aqua Mop

    The Aqua Mop is made of the same material as our Aquamat original non woven towel and is of the same weight as the towel, which ensures it is as absorbent as the towel. So it is hardy and long-wearing and will clean more effectively than traditional floor mops. Most people buy a new mop when it becomes too dirty and smelly - The AQUA MOP is machine washable THE AQUA MOP HEAD SCREWS ONTO A STANDARD THREAD UK MOP STICK
  • Puppy Training Mat Aquamat

    Incredibly Absorbent + Non Porous Backing Machine Washable or soak in Mild Disinfectant Why buy expensive disposable mats when you can train your puppy with an Aquamat Training Mat? Knowing a little about your new puppy will make proper training simple and rapid. For many people and especially for those new to owning a puppy, the most fearful aspect can be teaching their 8 to 12 week old newest member of the family proper toilet habits. The distress and anxiety caused by a poorly trained or entirely untrained puppy growing bigger every week should not be underestimated. However, toilet training your puppy should be a simple and rapid process if you know one or two simple facts and then take the time and trouble to know how and when to help your new baby learn good acceptable habits.

    One Size: 50cm x 70cm

    Pack of Two Mats