Our Microfibre is effective because

Microfibre is a generic term and it is simply not the case that all microfibre is the same. Why is ours so effective?

There are many technical changes and tweaks to be employed to produce a fabric designed to work especially effectively in any given circumstances.

It is undeniable that a cheap and cheerful microfibre fabric will give limited performance capability in all areas. However, we know it is possible to produce a vibrant, vital and effective product at an affordable price and to design it to excel in chosen areas. Aquamat Microfibre optimises the performance capability of our fabric to meet the particular needs of dog owners. Our business is to design products for use with dogs. Our microfibre towels will perform exceptionally well in those areas dog owners need an outstanding performance. Our microfibre towels will not simply dry your dog quickly – they will also dry your dog more thoroughly. Finally, we design our towels to remove mud and dirt with ease and thoroughness and when you see how well Aquamat towels do this, you will appreciate why all the major cleaning companies now make such exhaustive use of microfibre that is optimised for the requirements of their trade.