We have been selling towels at Crufts since 1987 so why did we stop using towelling years ago and now use our own microfibre, called AQUAFIBRE®, for not only our towels, but also our drying coats and drying bags? The simple answer is that there is no comparison between microfibre and towelling and our microfibre (engineered specifically for animal use) will out-perform towelling in every respect. If you want the best and want it at cheaper prices than our outdated towelling competitors then our AQUAFIBRE® will not just meet your expectations, but will exceed them.

The fine fibres of AQUAFIBRE® do not absorb water like towelling – they wick water and so are not only fast, but do not end up wet, soggy and cold. The surface area of our highly absorbent, durable, easy-to-clean fabric is enormous and so all our AQUAFIBRE® products:

1. Ensure a wet dog is dried exceptionally quickly and much faster than towelling and instead of leaving your dog cold in a wet towel, our AQUAFIBRE will use the dog’s own body heat to keep him warm and snug, making its use ideal whether your dog has just climbed from the river or the swimming pool.

2. Ensure a muddy dog is cleaned and dried just as quickly and with ease, because the carefully engineered fibres (shaped differently from towelling) will grab the mud and dirt and not just push it around. AQUAFIBRE® will hold considerably more water than towelling can absorb.

3. Are light and compact as we need only a single layer instead of multiple layers of towelling.

4. Will not pick up a wet dog smell

5. Will air dry very quickly (unlike wet towelling products)

6. Are economic in use and economic to buy

Our high quality products use technologically advanced microfibres so small that this highly absorbent fabric is made even more effective by increasing the surface area of the working material thus enhancing quite dramatically the quantity of water it can absorb and the speed at which it does so. The tiny fibres and our method of arranging them also enable the fabric to collect dirt and grime more effectively than conventional materials and so will clean your muddy dog as well as dry him.

Coupled to an extraordinary performance this fabric is also remarkably easy to keep clean and odour-free. It is machine washable and can be tumble dried, but the good news is that AQUAFIBRE®

air dries remarkably quickly, which is a huge advantage in caravans, motorhomes and the like when you are away from home. If you are a groomer you will not need to dry artificially and your towel will be ready for use again the following morning.

It can be used dry or damp (unlike towelling water can be squeezed from it to continue use) and so is ideal not only for freshly groomed dogs or those straight out of the hydrotherapy pool, but also those straight out of the muddy field or river.

Excess water can be squeezed from our AQUAFIBRE® towels and they will continue to dry your dog effectively. As they hold more water than a conventional towel to begin with  you will certainly use fewer towels and so will wash fewer towels.

First class unbeatable products at sensible prices.