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We design and manufacture a cooling coat, drying coat, dog towels, drying bag, and fleece coats for dogs . We design our dog coats and towels with the professional in mind – dog trainers, groomers, hydrotherapy pool operators, dog walkers and agility competitors. In mind especially is the comfort and welfare of your dog. Pet owners can benefit hugely from an introduction to our specialist products, many of which you cannot find in your local pet shop.

DOG COATS- cooling coat, microfibre drying coat and drying bag, fleece coat for dogs
We can warm your dog in the winter with our fleece coats. We can cool your dog in the summer with our cool coats. We can protect your dog from the wind and rain with our storm coats. We can warm and dry your dog when he’s wet with  our dog dressing gown microfiber drying coats and bags. We have solutions whether you walk your dog in the park or take him out working with you. Gun dog owners are among our most dedicated customers whilst our cooling range is ideal for working dogs at work in the most inhospitable of conditions. Walking or working your dog in sun, wind, rain or snow will present no problem to you.

DOG TOWELS – microfibre, non woven and tube
We can dry your dog more quickly and more thoroughly. We can remove mud and dirt faster and more easily before your dog enters car or home. We can reduce the number of towels you use and wash. We have towels for every occasion and every user. Reduce your drying time and reduce your washing machine use with Aquamat towels.


Reg name- Water Master Ltd
Place of registration – Companies House Cardiff
Reg office- 22 High street, Brinsley, Nottingham NG16 5Bn
Reg No – 8133508