Aquamat Drying Bag

Microfibre Drying Bag for Dogs

Aquamat Dry

Microfibre Drying Coat

Aquamat Dog Towel

We design and manufacture specialist and professional products for you and your dog, for groomers, hydrotherapy pool operators and dog walkers.


Aquamat Chiller






Would you like to use professional products for your dog? Products designed andmanufactured for specialised functions to cater for all circumstances whatever the weather?

At Aquamat Water Master we produce products for groomers, hydrotherapy pools, championship show dogs, agility dogs, working dogs and pet dogs. Whatever the weather our products will do the job effectively, quickly and at realistic prices.

Hot weather? See our Chiller cooling coats to keep your dog safe, calm and relaxed.

Cold weather? See our fleece coats for warmth and comfort even overnight.

Wet weather? See our raincoats for winter warmth. To dry your dog see our dog dressing gown drying coat and our drying bag. Whether climbing from river, swimming pool or shower see our microfiber towels, drying coats and drying bags. Optimised for use with dogs our microfiber provides the most astounding means of drying your dog effectively.

Want your dog to walk properly at your heel? Then see our “By My Side” harnesses and double ended leads to train your dog and succeed without harsh or oppressive methods or equipment.

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